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    Elkhorn Valley Packing takes pride in our ability to offer a wide range of products. With a complete line of boxed beef and variety meats, EVP services demands for specialty and customized cuts.  Add to that an emphasis on packaging and quality control, and you will see we are no ordinary beef packing plant. Service is our emphasis at Elkhorn Valley.  We want our customers to feel confident that quality products will be delive… more»
  • Our Story
    In 1992, Lynn Grant founded L. Grant and Sons, Inc as a trading and distribution business.  Building on the success of that business, the company transitioned into a full-fledged packing facility in 1996 that became Elkhorn Valley Packing.  Founded in Dodge, NE, EVP began processing hanging beef for distribution to customers both domestically and internationally.  After 4 years and steady growth, a slaughter facility was pu… more»
  • Products
    Standard Break and Trimmings Chuck 2 Pc. Boneless Chuck Chuck Short Ribs B/I (4 bone) B/I Blade N/O (SEL/CH Only) Chuck Roll 1X1 N/O (CH Only) Shoulder Clod 1/4″ (CH Only) Chuck Tender Ribs 18/UP 2X2 Lipon Ribeye 13/18 2X2 Lipon Ribeye 13/dn Lipon Ribeye B/I Rib (Export Rib) Meaty Back Ribs Loins 0X1 Striploin (Heavy, Down) 1X1 Striploin (Heavy, Down) 2X3 Striploin PSMO Tenderloin Commo… more»
  • Market Insight
    Beef Trimmings (AM) Beef Trimmings (PM) Boxed Beef Cuts (AM) Boxed Beef Cuts (PM) Cow Boxed Beef Cuts (Weekly) No Roll Boxed Beef Cuts (Weekly) Prime Boxed Beef Cuts (Weekly) Cattle Premiums and Discounts (Kansas) Cattle Premiums and Discounts (National) Nebraska Weighted Average Kansas Weighted Average Branded Product Cutout Weekly Cutout Tallow & Protein USDA Hide Report Trimmings National D… more»
  • Contact Us
    Elkhorn Valley Packing101 Central Ave.Harper, Kansas 67058p. 620-896-2300f. 620-896-2161 EmailSales Team: sales@elkhornvalleypacking.comGeneral: Cattle ProcurementWill Wright Office: 620-326-3443 Cell: 620-399-3446 Elkhorn Valley Packing is a premier beef packing plant nestled in the heart of the USA.   As a full line boxed beef processing plant EVP provides a wide variety of products and servi… more»
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